The Freedom Physician

Group Mentorship

An exclusive opportunity designed specifically for physicians with a passion for direct ownership for commercial real estate.


Supportive Community
Learn from each other's experiences, share insights, and collaborate on problem-solving, creating a rich learning environment.
Personalized Attention
Being in a small group allows to address individual needs, challenges, and goals more effectively.
Helps participants stay committed, take meaningful actions, and achieve their desired outcomes.
Lifetime Access to Lessons & Recordings
Offers flexibility and convenience, self-paced and reinforcement of learning as well as continuous improvement.
Power-packed Online Coaching
Each module is packed with real life examples and tools to help you scale your portfolio.
Regular Masterminds and Gatherings
Fosters an open space that allows participants to present and analyze deals together, give feedbacks, and partner. 

Begin your journey in Direct Ownership of Commercial Multifamily Real Estate and become a Freedom Physician!


Rest assured, your privacy is valued and protected.

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Real Estate Investor

Larry Daugherty

Larry Daugherty is an adventuring radiation oncologist and father of 5. He and his family live in Eagle River, Alaska. Larry landed in Alaska after chasing a childhood dream, to mush dogs in the Arctic wilderness.



What People Are Saying



Kind Words from our Mentees!


"This mentorship program has greatly helped us in making progress towards our goals, as well as providing the opportunity for partnerships with other experienced real estate investors that can accelerate our progress even more. We’re very fortunate to have been part of this experience.
Scott and Katie Cameron
"If you're not sure how to move from investing in smaller properties to bigger commercial ones, this program is perfect for you! The program provides a supportive community and helps you stay on track. Every time I attend the sessions, I feel motivated and come away with tons of fresh and exciting ideas.
Tatiana Arolli
"The Freedom Physician course has been instrumental in my investment journey as a new owner of a 70+ unit apartment complex! The weekly content is very applicable, creative and engaging. The calculators are incredibly easy to use and very useful in underwriting potential investments." 
Weilan Johnson

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The Freedom Physician Guide


The step-by-step guide for physicians to accelerate their passive income using commercial real estate (without need to acquire lots of properties).




Net Worth Calculator

 As physicians, we dedicate our lives to caring for others' well-being. However, it's equally vital to prioritize our financial health and long-term wealth-building goals. That's why I have developed a Net Worth Calculator, which can also double as a personal financial statement - a document that lenders frequently request. If you would like to give this easy tool a try!
Physician investors, unlock your full real estate potential through net worth tracking! By leveraging this powerful tool, we can:
  • scale our portfolios
  • seize lucrative opportunities in larger commercial multifamily assets
  • and create a lasting legacy of financial success. 
Start tracking your net worth today and witness the transformational impact it can have on your real estate journey!



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